Tex Avery Cartoon Collection 1942-1957

VIDEO: Tex Avery Cartoons - Here are a selection of cartoons from the creator of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Droopy Dog and the director of many of the "Looney Tunes" (Warner Bros.), MGM and Walter Lantz Productions cartoons, Tex Avery, who has had an enormous influence of American animation and comedy. Avery's flipped-out universe - surreal, violent and erotic - is clearly displayed in this collection. Including cartoons "TV of Tomorrow", "Symphony in Slang" and "Chilly Willy: The Legend Of Rockabye Point"

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Out-Foxed (11/5/49)

The Counterfeit Cat (12/24/49)

Ventriloquist Cat (5/27/50)

Cuckoo Clock (6/10/50)

Garden Gopher (9/30/50)

The Chump Champ (11/4/50)

The Peachy Cobbler (12/9/50)

Cock-A-Doodle Dog (2/10/51)

Daredevil Droopy (3/31/51)

Droopy’s Good Deed (5/5/51)

Symphony In Slang (6/16/51)

Car of Tomorrow (9/22/51)

Droopy’s Double Trouble (11/17/51)

Magical Maestro (2/9/52)

One Cab’s Family (5/17/52)

Rock-A-Bye-Bear (7/12/52)

Little Johnny Jet (4/18/53)

TV Of Tomorrow (6/6/53)

The Three Little Pups (12/26/53)

Drag-A-Long Droopy (2/20/54)

Billy Boy (5/8/54)

Homesteader Droopy (6/26/54)

The Farm Of Tomorrow (9/18/54)

The Flea Circus (11/6/54)

Dixieland Droopy (12/4/54)

Field and Scream (4/30/55)

The First Bad Man (9/30/55)

Deputy Droopy (10/28/55)

Cellbound (11/25/55)

Grin and Share It

Blackboard Jumble

One Droopy Knight

Sheep Wrecked Mutts

About Racing

Droopy Leprechaun

Caballero Droopy

Cat’s Meow (1/25/57)

Millionaire Droopy (9/21/56)

Chilly Willy: The Legend Of Rockabye Point 1955