Monopoly Empire Board Game (Hasbro Gaming) - NEW! with FREE U.S. Shipping!

Available Now: Monopoly Empire Board Game (Hasbro Gaming)  - NEW! with FREE U.S. Shipping! 
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About this item
- High quality toys for children all ages
- Made using safe materials
- Tested for quality and durability
- High-rolling Monopoly game
- Buy your favorite brands and offices to build all the way to the top of your tower
- Win by filling your tower with billboards
- Includes game board, 4 towers, 6 tokens, 30 Billboard tiles, 6 - Office tiles, 14 Chance cards, 14 Empire cards, money pack, 2 dice and instructions

Product Description

It's the classic fast-trading property game with a brand new twist! When you play Empire you've got a tower to fill with billboards. Buy your favorite brands when you land on their brand spaces, and slide your billboard into the tower. Every time you pass GO, you collect the current value of your tower, so every brand you buy makes you richer! You can hit the top sooner if you buy an office, so start wheeling and dealing and build your way to the top in Monopoly Empire!

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