HORROR Mystery Box Set - Collectibles, Books Cards and More!

AVAILABLE NOW: HORROR Mystery Mixed Gift Box - DVDs, Books, Cards and More! 

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HORROR Collectibles Mini-Mystery Box (5 Items)


HORROR Collectibles Mystery Box (7-10 Items)


HORROR Collectibles MEGA Mystery Box (15-20 Items) 


HORROR Collectibles Mystery SUPERMEGA Box (35-50 Items) 


What’s in the HORROR Mystery Box? 

Check out all the Action and Macabre with this mix of vintage and new products box filled with toys, cards, DVDs and more collectibles featuring characters and related merchandise of HORROR!! 

Our Hand-Picked Mixed HORROR Collectibles Gift Boxes Are Available Here in 4 Versions

👉 HORROR Universe MINI-Mystery Box (Mix of 5 items)

👉 HORROR Universe Mystery Box (Mix of 7-10 items)

👉 HORROR MEGA BOX (15-20 Items)

👉 HORROR SUPERMEGA BOX (Mix of 35-50 items)

A mystery box for all your HORROR FAN needs! The size/price you pick will determine the size of the box and what you receive but is not a direct reflection of the value of what is inside! 

There are endless possibilities of what could be in your box; books, figurines, novelty items, DVDs, merchandise, etc.

Shipping within the U.S. ONLY because we have to use flat rate boxes as weight will vary greatly from order-to-order. If you are overseas, message me and we can arrange a way to get a mystery box to you!

Please contact me with any questions regarding your mystery box purchase, but please note that we are generally unable to make special requests with mystery items. 

All vintage items will have been restored to the best of our ability to ensure only the best quality items in your mystery box!

Any Questions or To Check Availability 

OR Text: 312-772-4564