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Featuring 2 Classic Episodes: "The Lost Race" and "To The Future"

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Adventures in time and space … told in future tense! DIMENSION X … X … X … x … x … x … Radio's premier series of adult science fiction tales, preceded briefly by the little known and soon-forgotten Two Thousand Plus. The series demonstrated that adding a picture to a story of vision, illusion, or myth does not automatically enhance things. The TV tube is too small, the props too artificial to compete with the landscape of the mind. The point of origin for many of these tales was Astounding Science Fiction Magazine, a market use by the best writers in the field. With adapted tales from George Leffert, Fredric Brown, Heinlein, Ray Bradbury and adaptations by Ernest Kinoy, the fifty half-hour shows are all classic sci-fi entertaining pieces. SOURCE: The Encyclopedia of Old Time Radio, John Dunning