The Complete Allergy Book - Frank Kwong M.D.

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Control your allergies!

The millions of people who suffer from inhalant allergies, hay fever and asthma do not have to live as prisoners to their symptoms. Leading allergist Dr. Frank Kwong takes us on a journey through the evolution of allergies, from their earliest diagnosis to modern research and medication controls. Armed with the most up-to-date and comprehensive information on allergy and asthma, patients will learn to better interact with doctors to get the best and most effective care available.

The Complete Allergy Book is your home reference for every symptom, condition and reaction, and provides essential information on:
--how to choose the right doctor
--how to allergy-proof your to bottom
--the best prescription and over-the-counter medication options
--how to identify the onset of asthma
--quick remedies to allergic episodes
--what to do in an emergency

With The Complete Allergy Book, you will have a clear understanding of the disease process and a guide to manage your living environment, understand your doctor's instructions and be able to actively and intelligently take an active role in your own care.