Tupac Shakur Legacy - Jamal Joseph

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Features removable reproductions of handwritten lyrics, notebook pages, and other personal memorabilia, plus Tupac Shakur Speaks, a 60-minute CD featuring rare interviews with Tupac Aramu Shakur.

Tupac Shakur Legacy presents the story of rap artist, political spokesman, poet, actor, writer, humanitarian and entrepreneur Tupac Aramu Shakur. From his early childhood in Harlem, to his emergence as a young artist, through his incarceration, release, and last, prolific years in the eyes of an adoring public, Tupac's life and legacy are recounted by a friend who knew him well, and with the cooperation of Tupac's family. In a scrapbook complete with unseen family photographs, intimate stories, and removable reproductions of his handwritten song lyrics, poetry, and other personal papers, Tupac Shakur Legacy, tells of an extraordinary life in a gritty, heartrending - and above all, honest - way.