Sopranos Trivia Game - 1,000 trivia questions based on the HBO TV show

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Based on the HBO mobster hit TV show

Poker-styled trivia game with felt poker mat, chips and jumbo trivia cards

Designed to stump both novices and avid Sopranos fans

Bet, bluff, answer questions and have the most chips after three rounds to win

Includes 1,000 trivia questions

How well do you know tony and the family? Yo, you betta know deez guys good if youz are gonna play. Now you and your friends can test your knowledge of the number one show on cable with the sopranos trivia game. There are one thousand trivia questions that will challenge you on your knowledge of the program and mob speak. Place bets on which questions you can answer correctly. Five levels of difficulty make it easy for even occasional viewers to play against dedicated fans of the sopranos. Game includes: vinyl playing surface. 200 Trivia cards. Betting chips. For 2 or more adult players ages 18 and up.