The Secret Garden (Treasury of Illustrated Classics)

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The Secret Garden - Treasury of Illustrated Classics - Large Print
Author: Frances Hodgson Burnett, Devra Newberger Speregen (Adapter), Richard Lauter (Illustrator)

A beautifully written story about a young girl raised in a privileged household with servants and staff that is moved to live with a family in England. Mary befriends her cousin, who she doesn't know is there, Colin, who is thought to be crippled and weak. These two spoiled children end up helping each other out in their development and growth. Mary is one of the only people to get Colin to realize that he needs to do more for himself. Colin has to deal, not only with his independence, but also the fact that his father has trouble dealing with him because his mother died at his birth. He was small and weak as a baby so his father has decided that he has to be bedridden and he will die.

Mary meets Dicken, a teenager that works in the garden and can speak with the animals. Mary and Dicken keep the secret of the garden entrance which no one has gone in, but Ben Wetherstaff, the groundskeeper. This garden was Colin's mother's favorite so it was closed after her death. When Mary meets Colin, she tells him all about the garden and motivates him to want to come out of bed. Mary and Colin benefit from the fresh air and become stronger and hungrier as they spend more and more time in the garden together. Colin shares his secret of his development and health at the end of the story.