Ronald Reagan in Private: A Memoir - Jim Kuhn

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From the Oval Office to Camp David to Air Force One, a portrait of the real Ronald Reagan, away from the journalists, cameras, and microphones.

During his White House years, President Reagan earned the love and admiration of millions, and altered the course of history. Jim Kuhn, his executive assistant, was one of the very few people privileged to see the Great Communicator not just during his historic public events, but also behind the scenes, during quiet moments.

Kuhn was responsible for helping the most powerful man in the world manage his time and information. His memoir of an unguarded and unedited Ronald Reagan captures the laughter, resolve, sensitivity, and discomforts of the man who won the Cold War and restored America’s confidence.

President Reagan frequently shared with Kuhn his personal views on matters great and small, including his thoughts about world leaders such as Mikhail Gorbachev and Margaret Thatcher, and controversial issues such as nuclear weapons, taxes, and women’s rights. Kuhn recalls many poignant moments that will surprise readers, no matter how much they already know about President Reagan. For example:

· How the President reacted when staff disappointed him and things didn’t go as planned
· The time he felt distraught over arms negotiations with the Soviets
· President Reagan’s true personal thoughts about abortion
· What aspersion bothered him more than any other
· How President Reagan felt about the Iran-Contra scandal and the figures involved

During his 13 years of service to Ronald Reagan, Kuhn discovered a man who acted the same off camera as he did in front of the world; who showed the same respect to an anonymous caller to the White House as he did to Pope John Paul II; who was more nuanced and perceptive than the press would ever admit; who never let the power and prestige of the Presidency go to his head.

Now that Ronald Reagan has passed away, there is a hunger for a deeper understanding of what made him a great President. Jim Kuhn offers a unique perspective on the private Ronald Reagan that will fascinate his millions of admirers.