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As the title portends, this extravagantly illustrated book has more to do with the recently released movie than with the historical event. Still, its plethora of full-page color photos will prove irresistible to both budding directors and historians. Following a preface by the movie's producer, director, and scriptwriter (and several obligatory pages on the cast), the book devotes the next three parts to an overview of America and Pearl Harbor before, during, and after the bombing raid. The broadly informative text is supplemented by sidebars, a time line of events of December 7, 1941, and illustrations showing how many of these events are depicted in the movie. The final section deals strictly with the creation of the film, explaining how the makers handled stunts and both aerial and underwater shooting. Quotes from the film's participants reveal how period costuming, weaponry, and various aspects of the attack-including the rollover of the battleship Oklahoma-were re-created.

Dori DeSpain, Fairfax County Public Library, VA

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