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Lawyer Jake Lassiter is defending Florida real estate developer Nicky Florio in a civil suit regarding an environmentalist's death at a poolside party. While Lassiter has doubts that the death was accidental, he also worries about the possible conflict of interest involved in sleeping with his client's wife, Gina. After Lassiter wins the case, he is sucked into the machinations of Florio and Gina and finds himself witness to a beheading, accused of embezzlement and murder, and on the run. Indian rights, animal rights, and slimy politicians and lawyers all surface in this fourth Lassiter novel. Permeated with cynicism and the corruption of South Florida that recall the work of Carl Hiaasen, this thriller races to a smashing climax. Recommended for public libraries. -  Robert H. Donahugh, formerly with Youngstown & Mahoning Cty. P.L., Ohio