Test Drive 6 - Playstation 1 - Video Game

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Forget driving overpriced cars up and down Car Lot Avenue all weekend long--stay at home and take the ultimate test drive. Strap into a car built for speed, open the throttle, and experience the engine's muscle as the gorgeous scenery blurs by in Test Drive 6, the latest version of the acclaimed car racing series. Buckled behind the wheel of the latest and greatest road machines, drivers push the limits on 11 new tracks set in such exotic locations as London, Paris, Maui, Rome, Ireland, Tahoe, and Egypt.

Each track offers loads of challenges and thrills. Wicked jumps give drivers a chance to test the car's air speed. Drivers must avoid or simply plow through obstacles, including park benches, signs, and the occasional cross traffic. Hidden shortcuts shave seconds off lap times. Official-looking cars with flashing lights escort you on your adventure, or attempt to heed your progress, depending on your point of view. Before each race, drivers bet against other opponents. Winning earns cash that can be used to purchase, upgrade, and stockpile cars. A split screen, head-to-head mode allows two players to compete for the car with the most zip.