Burns & Allen Show, Vol 1– DVD

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Since becoming a vaudeville team in 1922, George Burns and Gracie Allen have made audiences laugh in movies, radio and television. The real-life married couple established their personalities in radio with "The Burns and Allen Show" and brought their comedy to television in 1950. For nine years on CBS, every show opened with Burns, puffing his trademark cigar, regaling the audience with stories of their vaudeville days... and the latest antics of his beloved wife, Gracie. Often entangled with their neighbors the Morton's, Gracie's zany wit was always the cause (and solution) to their misadventures of domestic bliss.

When Gracie passed away in 1964, George continued to entertain in his inimitable style for another 32 years, even winning an Oscar in 1976 for his performance in The Sunshine Boys. George lived to be 100 and always credited Gracie with "being the talented one." As George would say after each classic episode, "Say goodnight, Gracie."

Includes 3-Episodes:

1. Income Tax Man (3-1-1951)
2. Free Trip to Hawaii (10-9-1952)
3. Space Patrol Girls