The Purple Monster Strikes DVD – 1945 - 15 Episode serial

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The Purple Monster Strikes was a 15 chapter movie serial released in 1945 and produced by Republic Pictures. It starred Linda Stirling, Dennis Moore and Ray Barcroft. It was a science fiction serial with a running time of 209 minutes. The Purple Monster (Barcroft) was an invader from the planet Mars who possessed the body of a noted astronomer and employed the services of Earth bound criminals. His goal was to make possible a Martian Invasion of the Earth. Only the astronomer's niece and a noted
criminologist stand in his way.


1. The Man in the Meteor
2. The Time Trap
3.Flaming Avalanche
4.The Lethal Pit
5. Death on the Beam
6. The Demon Killer
7. The Evil Eye
8. Descending Doom
9. The Living Dead
10.House of Horror
11.Menace From Mars
12.Perilous Plunge
13.Fiery Shroud
14.The Fatal Trail
15.Take-Off To Destruction

Dennis Moore ... Craig Foster
Linda Stirling ... Sheila Layton
Roy Barcroft ... Purple Monster
James Craven ... Dr. Cyrus Layton
Bud Geary ... Hodge Garrett, Henchman
Mary Moore ... Marcia [Chs. 11-13]
John Davidson ... Emperor of Mars [Chs. 2, 10-11]
Joe Whitehead ... Carl Stewart
Emmett Vogan ... Saunders [Chs. 3-4]
George M. Carleton ... Dr. Paul Meredith [Ch. 9]
Kenne Duncan ... Charles Mitchell [Chs. 1-2, 10]
Rosemonde James ... Helen / Maria posing as Helen [Chs. 11-12]
Monte Hale ... Dr. Harvey, Mineralogist [Chs. 13-14]
Wheaton Chambers ... Prof. Benjamin [Ch. 11]
Fred Howard ... Prof. Crandall

Running time: 209 min (approx)

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