Profile: Jason Bourne - Novel and Film Series

Jason Charles Bourne, born David Webb, is a fictional character in the novels of Robert Ludlum and subsequent film adaptations. He first appeared in the novel The Bourne Identity (1980). This novel was first adapted for television in 1988, and then adapted to the film, which is very loosely based on the novels, in 2002 under a title of the same name.

The character has been in eight sequel novels (the last six of which are written by Eric Van Lustbader) with another novel due to be released in 2012. Along with the first feature film, The Bourne Identity (2002), Jason Bourne, with actor Matt Damon portraying the character, also appears in two sequel movies The Bourne Supremacy (2004) and The Bourne Ultimatum (2007).

Jason Bourne has a tormented past, which continues to influence him throughout his lifetime. Jason Bourne is but one of many aliases used by David Webb. Webb is a career foreign service officer and a specialist in Far Eastern affairs. Before the events in The Bourne Identity, Webb had a Thai wife named Dao and two children named Joshua and Alyssa in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. Webb's wife and two children were inadvertently killed during the Vietnam War when a fighter plane strayed into Cambodia, dropped two bombs and strafed a spot near the Mekong River. Due to Cambodia's neutrality in the war, every nation disclaimed the plane, and therefore no one took responsibility for the incident. Since he had nothing left, Webb went to Saigon and elected to train for an elite Top Secret Special Forces unit called Medusa, which would remain a Top Secret unit for many years. In Medusa, Webb was known only as Delta One, his code name within the unit.


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