WWE: The Music, Vol. 5 CD

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The appeal of this CD is at once limited and immense. A 14-song disc featuring the entrance theme songs of World Wrestling Federation superstars will be attractive mostly to WWF fans. But there are certainly several arenas full of those, and that carnivorous clan will certainly want to catch the Rock making his recording debut on "Pie," a skit/novelty song featuring Slick Rick. While a couple of tracks are repetitive instrumental entries with a few vocals, others are more fully developed songs. Motorhead's performance of "The Game" (Triple H's theme song) is raucous fun. The melodic and portentous "If You Dare" (Tazz's theme song) is another winner. Ditto the moody "Out of the Fire" that announces Kane's entrance. Odd but appealing are "The One" (Billy Gunn's theme song) and "I've Got It All," with its "Sweet Jane" melody line. From hip-hop to metal, this collection has something for all hardcore wrestling fans.

Track Listing:

1. The Game - Triple H/Motorhead
2. Rowdy - K-Kwik
3. If You Dare - Tazz
4. It Just Feels Right - Lita
5. Out of the Fire - Kane
6. Latino Heat - Eddie Guerrero
7. I've Got It All - Billy Gunn
8. What About Me? - Raven
9. Who I Am - Chyna
10. Medal - Kurt Angle
11. Bad Man - Rikishi
12. Shooter - Chris Benoit
13. Turn It Up - Too Cool
14. Pie - The Rock/Slick Rick