Robotech 4-Book Generations Collection

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Includes 4 Robotech Paperback Novels

Robotech First Generation #3 Homecoming
Robotech First Generation #4 Battlehymn
Robotech First Generation #5 Force of Arms

Robotech Second Generation 3-Books-in-One:

- #7 Southern Cross
- #8 Metal Fire
- #9 The Final Nightmare

Although it helped to create an audience for Japanese animation in the United States, Robotech (1985) has always been an anomaly: an anime series that was never seen in Japan in its final form. Producers at Harmony Gold edited together footage from Super Dimension Fortress: Macross, Genesis Climber Mospeada, and Super-dimensional Cavalry Southern Cross, three similar-looking series from Tatsunoko Studios, to create an 85-episode sci-fi epic with a new story line. Toys, role-playing games, and novelizations have kept Robotech alive in the hearts of its fans, although it went off the air in the early '90s