Michael Shayne - Private Detective Radio Show CD

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Featuring 2 Classic Episodes: "The Case of the Crooked Wheel" and "The Case of The Wandering Fingerprints"

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Michael Shayne, "the reckless, red-headed Irishman" was a popular hard-boiled detective created by American crime novelist Brett Haliday. Mike blew into Miami just after WWII, making crime pay by fighting it with a license and an attitude. Like Mike Hammer and other Phillip Marlowe wannabes, he was a loner. He was a guy with a sense of humor, like Sam Spade or Richard Diamond. He was different from the others, however, because in the first of the Haliday novels, Mike's happily married, but suddenly his wife is tragically murdered, and that hits Mike like no sucker punch before or after. Grief-stricken, Shayne loses himself the gumshoe grind, prowling the darker streets of the American dream complete with the (then) very adult themes of drugs and middle-class adultery. Shayne was the genuine fighting Irish, and his believability made him a popular private eye with the Post World War veterans who had lived more than their share of violent morality.