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Magnum Force, which was released in 1973 as a sequel to Dirty Harry has Clint Eastwood reprise his famous role as Inspector Callahan, which has him face crooked cops and a traitorous boss as well as suffering re- assignment from homicide to stakeout duty after his handling of the Scorpio case. Callahan and his new partner, Earlington -Early- Smith (Felton Perry), are called off a case in which a man acquitted of murder is found dead along with his chauffer, lawyer and bodyguard. Soon after, a mafia figure, and several of his family and friends are also gunned down. Then, a well-known pimp is murdered too. Callahan and Early are soon re-assigned to investigate the homicides. Featuring: New Commentary by writer John Milius-In this gritty, entertaining commentary, legendary Hollywood screenwriter Milius discusses Eastwood, the world of Dirty Harry and the rugged resilience of crime drama in American cinema; New Featurette "A Moral Right: The Politics of Dirty Harry" -- Filmmakers, social scientists and authors take a provocative look at the moral, political and ethical themes of the Dirty Harry films; The Hero Cop: Yesterday and Today; Trailer Gallery