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Released in 1976, The Enforcer marks the third installment in the Dirty Harry franchise. The film’s plot has Inspector Callahan (Clint Eastwood) paired with a new partner, policewoman, Inspector Kate Moore (Tyne Daly), as they hunt for a group of terrorists that are blackmailing the city of San Francisco for two million dollars. Callahan, none-too- pleased by being teamed up with a woman, must put his job first and the two attempt to shut down the terrorists. Moore, however, proves herself after she and Callahan pursue the terrorists to their hideout in the prison of Alcatraz. Special Features • New Commentary by director James Fargo Director Fargo takes an entertaining look at the film that launched his career as a director, including the day Clint Eastwood nonchalantly let him know he had the job. • New Featurette The Business End: Violence in Cinema An unflinching look at the ongoing debate on violence in cinema. • Featurette Harry Callahan/Clint Eastwood: Something Special in Films • Trailer Gallery