Clannad – Magical Ring - 3-CD Set

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Clannad – Magical Ring CD
Clannad – Themes CD
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In a career spanning over thirty years Clannad has risen from a family trio performing in their Fathers' bar in Gweedore parish, Donegal to a group of five (with the addition of two uncles) who have consistently impressed an evergrowing worldwide fanbase. Who would have ever thought a little Irish folk group singing primarily in Gaelic would achieve such notoriety and fame.

'Magical Ring' is absolutely magical, the perfect blending of voices and music, it captures the very heart and soul of Ireland and the mythical landscape it's famous for.

From track 1 - Theme from Harry's Game - to the sweet melancholy of track 5 - Coinleach Glas an Fhomhair - and track 9 - The Fairy Queen, you'll feel something stir inside of you that no other music has ever touched before.

Simply the most haunting, harmonious sound you'll ever hear.