Batman and Poison Ivy – Cast Shadows

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Buildings cast literal shadows, creating real darkness that many people cannot bear. People cast figurative shadows, creating unreal expectations that many people cannot bear. One particular building and a certain Batman are casting huge shadows over Gotham City, especially to the discomfort of one Poison Ivy, who at the moment cannot bear either one. Ann Nocenti's cautionary and metaphorical tale about casting shadows explores the highs and lows of reaching for the stars, again both literally and figuratively, mostly through the eyes of our lovely yet lethal Ms. Ivy. The highs and lows are both exemplified by one particular skyscraper that is blocking the sun from entering Ivy's plant adorned cell at Arkham, while at the same time contrasted against Batman's tireless and noble yet arguably fruitless and detrimental mission in life. Poison Ivy's multi-faceted character with its' many different shades of gray, or in this case green, ideally suits this style of story, where things and people are not as simple and straightforward as they appear. Nocenti succeeds at producing a story that makes one ruminate afterwards, and kudos to her for accomplishing that rare and laudable feat.