Afro Samurai [DVD] - Samuel L. Jackson

Afro Samurai [DVD] 

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Afro Samurai follows the strong but silent title character (voiced by Samuel L. Jackson) through a tale of revenge and personal growth. At a young age, his father was killed in a duel with the dastardly Justice (Ron Perlman), so Afro has dedicated his life to training. His sights are set squarely on Justice, who has inherited the title of "Number One" in the form of a sacred headband. Here's the twist: only a fighter who earns the "Number 2" headband has a shot with the champion. Afro meets plenty of colorful friends and foes along the way, including the talkative Ninja Ninja (also voiced by Jackson), a mysterious nurse named Okiku (Kelly Hu) and the deadly, dual sword-wielding Kuma (Yuri Lowenthal). Afro's detours are occasionally interesting on their own terms, but they're primarily designed to build tension for the final duel with Justice.

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